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What is the most important journey in life? In your life?

Is it to visit other countries besides your home country? Is it to have a successful career? Perhaps raise a happy family?

Hi. My name is Dr. Tommy Thomas. I am a Licensed Psychologist in Austin, Texas, USA. I have lived here most of my life and spent my career helping people from all parts of the globe to find themselves.

To most people, traveling to new places, having a successful career, and being surrounded by a friends and a loving family are all very important journeys in their lives. But the most important journey of everyone’s life - yours included - is to find yourself. Why? Because when you find yourself - know who you are - all the other journeys are made possible.

Finding yourself means discovering the strengths that you have and how you use them. Embracing your natural way of being. Knowing how you fit into the world. Creating great relationships with others. Resisting the temptation to resolve the paradoxes that appear in your life. Learning how to be flexible in order to solve the problems that inevitably come your way.

Most Problems Come From Doing The Right Thing…

At The Wrong Time

In fact, most of the problems you experience in life paradoxically come from being yourself. So learning how to be flexible and solve those problems is crucial to your happiness and success.

And in most cases it’s not what you are doing that is causing the problems - it’s when you are doing it. Timing is key.

For example, have you ever experienced the problems coming from any of these personal tendencies (you’re not alone!):

On your journey of finding yourself, you will learn the 30 personal tendencies that cause people the most problems - and which specific ones cause you the most problems. Opposite Strengths will show you how to solve the timing problem so that you express the right behaviors at the right time.

Since 1966 Opposite Strengths has been guiding people along the journey of finding themselves. Over 200,000 people in 23 countries have gained the insights and understanding of themselves that have made them more successful in their careers, marriages, parenting, and acceptance of themselves and others.

What’s The One Thing That All Great Leaders Have?

I’ve studied the most famous proponents and students of leadership over the years. These wise people have come up with various understandings of what makes a good leader (paradoxically, some say leaders are born while others say leaders are made). As you will learn from applying Opposite Strengths to your own journey, you will discover that the most successful leaders are both born and made.

The one thing that all leadership experts agree on is that finding yourself - knowing your strengths and how to flexibly use them in all life situations – is the foundation supporting all great leaders.

Successful Parents Help Their Children Find Themselves

Hardy – one of my closest friends and colleagues – relayed to me how he and his wife Ardelle came to be the best parents they could be to their daughter Kay.

As Kay was a young girl, she spent many hours alone in her bedroom. Kay loved to read books, write creative stories, and entertain herself with her imagination. Being naturally social people, Hardy and Ardelle fretted over Kay’s tendency to keep to herself – both Hardy and Ardelle feared that there was something wrong with Kay because of all the time she spent by herself. To Hardy and Ardelle, it just wasn’t natural!

Through Opposite Strengths and fortunately while Kay was still young, Hardy and Ardelle discovered that there was nothing wrong with Kay – she simply had a natural way of being that was different from both Hardy and Ardelle. With this knowledge, Hardy and Ardelle learned to accept and encourage Kay’s way of being that fed her soul and stopped trying to make her the way that they were.

Successful parents like Hardy and Ardelle know that their children are most likely different from them - they learn how to accept those differences and nurture their children to follow their own paths to find themselves.

The Time You Spend At Work

Should Be Personally Rewarding

Many years ago the wise Chinese philosopher Confucious said:

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

If you saw the Robin Williams’ movie Dead Poets Society, you saw a troublesome relationship between a father and son. The father insisted that the son follow in his footsteps to become a medical doctor while the son’s journey as a teen-ager to find himself led him to a love of the theater. The fact that the father never accepted or valued the treasure his son found in himself led to a terrible outcome for both father and son.

But time doesn’t stand still. How are you expected to not only overcome the obstacles to obtaining the work that satisfies you but to know what that work actually is? Well, I can help you using Opposite Strengths.

I have conducted hundreds of Opposite Strengths Seminars over the years most often in groups of around 25 people. I got some amazing comments on the evaluation sheets. One of the more common comments is the insight that participants gain about how they spend the hours that they do in work.

Those comments usually take one of two forms – they understand either why they love their work so much or what change that they need to make to find the work that they love.

Make Long-Lasting And Satisfying Relationships…

Especially In Marriage

Creating a great relationship with yourself is the essence of finding yourself. But what about your relationships with others? Can the journey of finding yourself help you in strengthening your relationships with others? Most certainly.

Relationships come in many different types – friendships, work, and love to name a few. The marriage relationship may be the most important one of all to most people.

You’ve heard the saying that “opposites attract”. Well, it’s true. I’ve actually seen research that confirms that people who are more different than alike are extremely attracted to one another.

The problem is that those differences that created the initial attraction and in some cases a marriage relationship later lead to problems and frustrations. “Why can’t you do things like I would do them?” “Why do you spend so much time alone when I like to go out and socialize with our friends?” These challenges may sound familiar to you.

If both people in a relationship - marriage or otherwise - find themselves and then share themselves with the other person, it’s amazing how those relationship “problems” can be resolved.

Embracing Paradox Is The Key To Finding Yourself

I have mentioned the word “paradox” a few times in what you have read so far. That’s not an accident. As you proceed on your journey of finding yourself by using Opposite Strengths as an insight tool, you’ll discover that embracing polar opposites in your life is a key - not only key, but essential - element of finding yourself and living the life you imagine best for you.

Take Your First Step With Me To Begin

Your Personal Journey of Finding Yourself

Are you ready to take that first step on your own personal journey of finding yourself? It’s easy and it’s free.

After decades of my career in which I provided the insights and behavior change possible through Opposite Strengths for both people and organizations, I am now offering you the opportunity to experience Opposite Strengths right now at no cost to you – and you will get your results online right away.

You will discover that Opposite Strengths believes that all people are composed of all strengths – no weaknesses. The result is that everything you learn about yourself is positive – there are no negatives.

All you need to do is to submit the request form at the bottom of this page. I will immediately provide you with your own Opposite Strengths Self-report Inventory to submit (it takes only about three minutes). As soon as you submit it, you will have access to Your Strengths At A Glance.

In this six-minute video report, I will personally present the results of your Self-report Inventory – the results that you will use in your first step on your journey to finding yourself.

All at no cost to you.

People Who Know You Well Are A Great Resource For You

After you complete your Self-report Inventory, I will ask you if you’d like to request that some people who know you well to give their input as to their experience and perception of your natural strengths. They do this by responding to your request that they complete an Other-report Inventory on you. (Don’t worry – there’s nothing negative in Opposite Strengths. They will simply be identifying how you tend to use your strengths.)

Getting input from others is extremely important and is something we have been doing since 1966 (over half a million Other-report Inventories have been submitted). You see, sometimes we know ourselves better than others do, but sometimes others see us more clearly than we do ourselves. Including both kinds of information will help you to truly find yourself.

After you submit your Self-report Inventory, I encourage you to immediately take the opportunity to request at least six people who know you well to complete the Other-report Inventory on you. I suggest you choose two people from each of these three groups of people in your life – family, friends, and co-workers. You will be prompted to do this easily and quickly right here on You can also do this later at any time you choose.

I mention getting six people to provide input on your strengths. But you may actually request as many people as you wish to submit an Other-report Inventory on you. Go ahead. As many as you wish.

Having these perceptions about who you are from those who know you well will prove invaluable to you as you progress on your journey to find yourself.

Act Now!

In less time that it took you to read this far, you can take the definitive first step toward finding yourself by submitting your Opposite Strengths Self-report Inventory and requesting that at least six people who know you well complete the Opposite Strengths Other-report Inventory about you from their perspective.

You will receive the free video report Your Strengths At A Glance in which I explain to you in six minutes the results of your Inventories. There is absolutely no cost or obligation to you – this is my gift to you to start you on your journey to find yourself. And you can view this video report as many times as you wish – especially useful as more and more Other-report Inventories are submitted.

But I do hope that, after you begin this journey with Your Strengths At A Glance, you will continue on your personal journey to find yourself with the vast resources available to you here on I will show you how to do that after you view your free report Your Strengths At A Glance.

So submit the information below, complete your Self-report, request as many Other-reports as you wish, and start your journey to find yourself by viewing Your Strengths At A Glance.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Now go and find yourself!

Dr. Tommy Thomas


Dr. Thomas,

Yes, I would like to start my journey of finding myself with you and Opposite Strengths as my personal guides. Please provide me with your no-cost, no-obligation professional video report Your Strengths At A Glance in which you will personally describe the results of my Opposite Strengths Inventories to me. I’ll start the process with you by submitting my Opposite Strengths Self-report Inventory now.

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